Passion + Ideas =
Great products

IT Domain is a boutique software development and engineering company. Our main focus is to develop a product portfolio for our customers to use in daily routines. 

We provide services in 

  • Software development and engineering – Mobile, Desktop and Clouds based
  • Web applications and websites development
  • Business Process Outsourcing in software development or related disciplines
  • Search engine optimization
  • Workflow automation
  • Digital marketing and social media marketing automation. Develop BOTs to take out pain points of your repetitive tasks. 

Social Media Marketing Automation


Automate FB messaging witha tad of AI. Have a chat with our ITDom Bot.


Manage posts and contents with our BOT. Timely replies convert into better customer service.


Make customer purchase process breezy. Customers can easily find and order via BOT.

Corporate Statement

What we stand for...

Provide CI/CD culture for all our products to deliver a great customer satisfaction to grow and retain our customer base.
Grow our footprints in tech space to become a leader in the Information Technology industry.